Stabilize Probiotic 16 oz



Stabilize Probiotic 16oz

The health benefits of probiotics, noted by clinical research, are many. Probiotics promote proper intestinal environment (also known as “gut flora”), and stimulate the gastrointestinal tract and systemic immunity. By strengthening this important part of the digestive system, probiotics have been shown to help with the several conditions which include : Eczema, Food allergies, Cancer, Irritable bowel syndrome, Inflammatory bowel disease, Ulcerative colitis,Lactose intolerance

Also to  a very large extent, the intestinal flora plays a major role in the health of the host. Therefore, probiotics can be used to promote overall good health. However, there are numerous specific uses for probiotics based upon clinical studies. One of the best-documented applications of probiotic supplements is in the prevention and treatment of urinary tract infections (UTIs).Another important application of probiotic supplements is preventing and treating antibiotic-induced diarrhea.

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