Nebulize Equine Solution 4 ounces


LaSal Nebulize is a microbicidal solution formulated to be delivered through a nebulizer. Nebulizing produces a fine mist of the product which is inhaled through a horse’s natural breathing physiology. Handy size for travel.


Nebulize Equine Solution

Equine Solution – The active ingredient in LaSal Products is Chelated [key-lay-ted] silver. LaSal’s Patented Chelation Process enhances the germ-killing properties of silver. This Technology combines silver atoms and organic atoms to form a Chelated molecule. Molecular particles [by definition the smallest particles in any element] are evenly dispersed in a gentle, mild solution of deionized water and antiseptic ingredients.*

Simply stated, Chelated Silver comprises molecules of purified silver covalently bonded to organic molecules [and] evenly dispersed throughout a solution. This covalent bonding considerably enhances the antimicrobial activity and persistence [killing power over time] of silver.

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Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 4 in

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