Wound Care

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Ag Repair Topical

Ag Repair Topical Spray – powerful killing power for anything topical.  From Head to Toe.  Proprietary blend of colloidal silver and essential oils.


Wound & Skin

12 ounce Wound and Skin Foam

Topical Use Only

Naturally formulated and environmentally safe, Wound and Skin Foam is a powerful microbicide that contains no alcohol, iodine or chlorine.

Kills 99.999986% of bacteria in 60 seconds.


Wound & Skin

16oz Wound & Skin Spray

Patented Chelated Silver Topical Spray

Use For:

  • abrasions
  • scrapes
  • rope burns
  • cinch and saddle sores
  • spray on umbilical cord on new borns
  • dry itchy skin
  •  mites in mane and tail
  •  rain rot
  • fescue poison
  • thrush in feet
  • dew rash