Respiratory Kit Supplies

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Micro Mist Medicine

Micro Mist Medicine Cup with Tubing.  Optimal particle size delivered at efficient nebulization rates.

  • Channeled inner lumen to resist kinks and occlusion.
  • 6cc capacity jar with threaded cap to prevent leakage.
  • Complete with 84″ oxygen tubing

Blue Compressor

Blue Compressor  1/4 hp air pump.  65psi.  1 year warranty.

New!  Big Rubber Feet

Braided hose sold separately

Silver Compressor

Silver Compressor – single piston 1/5 hp. quiet operation.


Chlorhexidine is a disinfectant and an antiseptic.

Cleansing solution to kill microbes on the mask, medicine cups, etc.

Spray then allow to set then rinse.

Medicine Cup With

  • 1 ounce blue medicine cup with ring adaptor
  • 6 foot oxygen tube
  • blue corrugated tube

Used to connect to the mask and the compressor for nebulizing

Blue Medicine Cup

  • 1 ounce
  • Plastic Blue Medicine Cup
  • holds medicines when nebulizing