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Silver Respiratory Kit

Includes a carrying case, a silver air compressor, 1 braided hose with barb to reduce heat, 4 medicine cups, 4 oxygen tubes, 3 corrugated tubes with adapters, 1 16oz bottle of Nebulize Patented Chelated Silver, 1 16oz bottle of Colloidal Silver, Wound & Skin Foam, 1 adult sized horse mask, a human mask, and a mask disinfectant spray.

Intended for single horse use.

1 ounce of silver per 15 minute treatment.

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Prefer Biotics

1 Gallon

Prefer Biotics is a probiotic made up of 1287 live strains of good Microbes.

Used to promote healthy digestion.

Also used for wound care, immune balance, gastrointestinal health, burns, impaction and stress relief.

Pour Prefer Biotics over feed or add to water.

Prefer Biotics new name is Stabilize Probiotic.  Same product, new name.

Administer 4 ounces per 500 pounds per day.

For livestock with a poor appetite:  administer with a syringe or offer in a bucket beside drinking water.

Most common occurring bacteria:  acidovorax facilis, bacilus licheniformis, B. Subtilis, B. Oleronuis, B lentimorbus, B. marinus, B. megaterium, Cellulomonas fimi, C Falvigena, Rhodococcus rhodochrous, Miminum viable cells-1×106  colony forming units/cubic centimeter.

** Preferbiotic is now called Stabilize.  Same great Microbes with a new name.





Oxygen Tube –

14' Oxygen tube – connects medicine cup to the Compressor.  Extra long so your compressor can be further away from the mask when needed.