Respiratory problems and diseases are definitely one of the leading causes of chronic illnesses in horses. Studies show that about 25% of calls to veterinarians are due to diseases caused by respiratory complications. If you are a horse owner, then you have probably heard or come across the term “chelated silver” as an alternative to the usual antibiotics used in the treatment of equine respiratory disease.

The use of chelated silver to ease respiratory difficulties in horses is a treatment that has been in practice for a really long time. Also called “silver therapy,” this treatment is used to treat various kinds of equine respiratory problems such as; lymphoid hyperplasia, pharyngitis, bleeding (EIPD), etc., in order to prevent more serious complications like lameness which could result from negligence.

Despite the common use of this treatment, a lot of people are still unaware of how this treatment works and its full benefits. In this post, we will discuss all you should know about chelated silver and highlight few of the major benefits of the treatment for horses as a remedy for certain diseases and aid in their recovery process.


Why Chelated Silver?


Chelated Silver is chemically known to be a very stable compound because it is highly unreactive and does not pose as a significant threat to the environment. These properties make chelated silver a highly sought after product in medicine for the treatment of various illnesses. One would wonder why basic silver isn’t used as well or instead of chelated silver; this is mainly because chelated silver penetrates body tissues more effectively than normal silver and deep tissue penetration is very necessary for the treatment of equine respiratory diseases.

Silver is widely known for its antibacterial benefits and Has the ability to eliminate the presence and growth of microbial infections present in the respiratory tract of horses. In addition to this, due to the highly un-reactive nature of chelated silver, there are little or no recorded side effects of this treatment, and this is why it is sometimes known as a therapeutic remedy for bacterial infections since it passes the criteria for a basic therapeutic medication.


Causes of Respiratory diseases and how to spot them


A huge percentage of chronic respiratory diseases is caused by negligence or failure to treat upper respiratory problems when they occur. The indicators of this disease usually range from subtle to very obvious, so one has to be quite diligent when observing their animals. For example, coughing, sneezing can easily be diagnosed to be a respiratory problem caused by a change in weather, environmental allergens, or an inflammation of the lungs caused by viral infections. There are other symptoms of respiratory diseases in horses such as;

If any of these symptoms or more are sported in the animal, then there is a high chance that it has a pulmonary problem and should be fully diagnosed before treatment is administered.


How does this treatment work?


Based on its known mechanism of action, when the chelated silver is inhaled, it produces active species of oxygen which target the bacterial cells and prevent them from forming more chemical bonds which are the basis of their survival. For a bacterial cell to have any effect, it has to form chemical bonds. These bonds are essential for the bacterial cell’s overall functioning and structure, and this is why the chelated silver attacks it. When these cells come in contact with the chelated silver, the oxygen species produced by the silver causes the cell structures of the bacteria to fall apart without any harm to the tissues and other blood cells.


What’s the Difference between chelated and colloidal silver?


In chemistry, a chelate is basically a bound pair of atoms chemically combined together for a specific purpose. Chelators are very useful in disease treatment because they are used to transport important atoms into the body, directly into the cells. The unique aspect about chelates is that they are able to transport larger amounts of atoms into the cells more than what the body would be able to transport on its own. The systems in the body treat chelates as desired molecules and hence allows full entry of the atoms into the cells.

Colloids, on the other hand, are small particles of a substance that are usually suspended in a liquid and do not dissolve. A lot of colloidal substances have very poor bio-availability and hence are not as well and quickly absorbed into the body cells as chelates. This is mainly because colloidal particles even in their small size are too big to be absorbed by most body cells. Also, the active parts of colloids are located in the interior of its particles and hence cannot have direct contact with the necessary transport routes in the cell.


Benefits of Chelating Silver to aid breathing


As earlier described, cheating silver is highly effective in the treatment of both minor and chronic pulmonary infections and diseases in horses. This method of treatment is extremely therapeutic compared to an antibiotic administration or other forms of treatment. Some of these benefits are;


One of the most common factors that depreciate equine performance is pulmonary or respiratory diseases and infection. It weakens your horses, damages their breathing and can lead to more complicated and chronic problems if not diagnosed and treated on time.


Chelated silver treatments is a safe, affordable, quick and easy to administer treatment for horses with this health issue. It is a great way to keep your horses protected from all the harsh effects of common antibiotics. What’s more? With chelated silver, you are a 100% certain that your horse will be cured of this ailment unlike the use of common antibiotics. Conclusively, if your horse is suffering from the ailment described above, then chelated silver is definitely the best choice of treatment.


Here at Silverhorsecare, we always put horses first because they deserve all the care that they can get so if you need products that will enhance their health and living conditions, you are at the right place.

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